How to Avoid Fake R4 and R4i Cards!

The R4 has many imitations / clones with the same or similar names.

We have a list of recommended retailers for different countries, which you can see in our "Where to Buy" section. We base links on that page on consumer feedback, reputation and quality. Websites listed on our "Where to Buy" page are reliable, and only sell top quality cards and provide exceptional service.

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Where to Buy R4 and R4i Cards

Recommendations for Buying an R4 Card

Since R4 and R4i type cards are only available through specialized online vendors, many people ask us which R4 stores are the most reliable. Ebay and Amazon no longer sell DS cards, and there are many sites will provide poor products, poor support, no email contact, and unreliable service. It is difficult to shop at places like this, since you rarely know if you will even get the product you ordered! Many of these sites also have incredibly poor English on their pages and simply hope to take money. Take comfort in these recommendations for R4 DS card sites as they have been tested and proven to be upstanding sites with excellent customer service.

Avoid Fake R4 and R4i Cards

There are many fake and clone R4 and R4i cards on the market in this day and age. Many of them are imitation models not made by the original factories, but that’s not to say they are bad – in fact, some of them work just fine (although we’d still officially recommend the genuine cards). However, there do exist some R4 / R4i fakes that either don’t work or can even harm DS / DSi consoles. For this reason, we recommend only buying official and genuine R4i cards for gaming and multimedia purposes.

Where to Buy Genuine R4 and R4i Cards

There exist several retailers online that stock only genuine cards that we know of, and will offer good customer support before as well as after a purchase. Delivery must also be quick and the cards should really be tested individually before they’re sent out to the customer. We can recommend a choice of stores to pick from!

Which R4 is Right for Me?

This is a tricky question. Over the years there have been a large number of R4 and R4i cards. Because of their sheer popularity there have been a very large number of clone and fake cards (What’s the Difference Between Real and Clone / Fake R4 and R4i Cards? – link coming soon). In addition to that, some of the genuine R4 cards we’ve seen in this time haven’t even been that great! A detailed analysis will be on each card page, but for now we have narrowed down the best R4i card you can buy for value, as well as the best premium R4 / R4i card you can buy if you don’t mind spending a bit more for superb quality and faster updates.

The value card we recommend is the R4i 3DS, formerly known as the R4i SDHC (name change when the Nintendo 3DS console was released). This card works on the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and the 3DS, and is fantastic for somebody starting out with their first R4i card and is eager to get into the DS card scene.

R4i 3DS Card for the Nintendo DS / DS Lite / DSi / DSi XL / 3DS

  • Genuine and authentic cards guaranteed!
  • Compatible with DS / DS Lite / DSi / DSi XL / 3DS consoles
  • Incredibly cheap prices!
  • Great customer service and 24/7 after-sales support.


Our recommendation for a premium R4i card is the extremely solid, great high-end card known as the Supercard DSTWO. Born from the original R4 and R4i concept but taken a step further, the Supercard DSTWO comes in beautiful packaging, is incredibly robust and even has a built-in Game Boy Advanced (GBA) emulator for people wishing to back up their old Game Boy games! The Supercard team were also the very first to come out with an R4 / R4i patch for Nintendo’s latest DSi 1.4.3 firmware – they are incredibly quick and solid!