How to Avoid Fake R4 and R4i Cards!

The R4 has many imitations / clones with the same or similar names.

We have a list of recommended retailers for different countries, which you can see in our "Where to Buy" section. We base links on that page on consumer feedback, reputation and quality. Websites listed on our "Where to Buy" page are reliable, and only sell top quality cards and provide exceptional service.

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 R4 iEdge Card Menu

  1. What is an iEdge card, and why should I get one?
  2. How does an iEdge card work?
  3. What hardware do I need to use an iEdge card?
  4. Step by step installation instructions
  5. Where do I download iEdge menu software?
  6. Where can I buy an iEdge adapter?
  7. iEdge Frequently Asked Questions

What is an iEdge card, and why should I get one?

The R4 iEDGE adapter card is a solid accessory for any DS Lite or DSi/DSi XL gaming console.  This card fits in the regular gaming slot (top slot for DS Lite) and allows you to do many things beyond what Nintendo has even thought of.

With an iEdge card you can carry your entire games library on on memory card without risk of losing your valuable retail cartridges.  Using the easy access Moonshell Media Player button you can also play music and converted videos right on your DS console!  Many small developers also create custom programs that allow you to play independent games, pda like utilities and emulators for older systems.

The iEdge team has roots with the legendary Cyclops Evolution team.  They have developed a unique and solid product that offers the cleanest menu system of any card on the market.

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How does an iEdge card work?

The iEDGE DS card, once booted, runs on top of the DS console firmware allowing you access to all the additional features.  All of the files and special menu are stored on a removable micro sd card that fits in the iEdge card.  The DS console is not affected, or changed in anyway by using the iEdge card.  you can freely go back to using the other DS features and games.

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What hardware do I need to use an iEdge card?

We occasionally get e-mails asking exactly what is required to use an R4 iEdge card. See the following checklist below:

  • A Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, or DSi XL console
    NDS console – OR –   – OR –  DSi Console -AND- DSiXL
  • The iEdge adapter card itself in addition to a micro-SD card reader. Note that there are many micro SD card reader designs and the one you get may not be exactly the same as the photo below – this is perfectly fine.
    iEdge ds  card– AND –
  • The actual memory itself – a micro SD card. Most stores that sell the iEdge R4 card will also offer these for sale. The smallest size typically sold are either 2GB or 4GB. Most people buy 8GB cards, and for those with a large number of applications, games and music/video, a 16GB card may be used.R4 micro sd – OR –R4 micro sd – OR – R4 micro sd – OR –r4 micro sd

    As for the question Which Micro SD Card for my iEdge? – we’d recommend using a 2GB or 4GB card for the more casual users who mainly play some games and applications on their iEdge adapter, and the 8GB or 16GB micro SD card for those that have a lot of audio and video files, or a very large games collection.

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Step by step installation instructions

Setting up an iEdge card can be somewhat difficult for those buying and using their card for the first time. It does differ distinctly from other cards.  Following the guide that follows should help with the first steps you take using your new iEdge card.

  • STEP 1 – Buy the iEdge DS Card and micro SD memory
    This is the most obvious first step – obtain the hardware you need to set up! If you haven’t already bought an iEDGE DS card we recommend you visit our Where to Buy iEdge page, where you should find a list of reputable vendors that have earned our quality seal of approval for genuine products and efficient customer service.
  • STEP 2 – Check to make sure you are in possession of all the necessary equipment
    Before you continue, make sure that you have everything you need, which will include:

    • iEdge DS Adapter
    • Micro SD to USB adapter (to plug the micro sd card into your computer), will be included with the iEdge.
    • micro SD memory card
    • computer with Windows (Mac OS support coming later) and an unzip program
    • Working internet connection
  • STEP 3 – Download the newest iEdge setup files
    Download the setup files here and the menu software files here.  Setup for the iEdge can be a little more complicated then other cards.  We will break it down into three parts.
    If your iEdge card is already flashed with the latest firmware, then you can skip to STEP 7.  Friendly vendors may perform Step 4-5 for you.
  • STEP 4 – Setup the micro sd card to flash the iEdge
    1) Unzip the package from STEP 3, it should have these files:

    •     EdgeBootUpdate-v4…flashing file setup application
    •     lgc-mapw.nds game ROM
    •     SDFormatter….preferred micro sd card reformatting application

    2) Install both the EdgeBoot Update and SDFormatter tools onto your Windows computer.  Mac OS version of bootstrap is coming later.
    3) Backup your micro sd card’s files and reformat it with SDFormatter.
    4) Run the EdgeBootUpdate tool and check that it is detecting your inserted micro sd card on your computer.
    5) Click the […] button and find the lgc-mapw.nds file and click [Update].
    6) This will place a bnupdate file on your micro sd card (may or may not be visible).

  • STEP 5 – Flash the iEdge R4 Card
    Insert the micro sd card from STEP 4 into the iEDGE, then again into the DS console.  Please note, if your DS console is of a firmware version beyond what the iEdge can support with its latest version, you may have to borrow a DS Lite or DSi of an earlier version.When the iEdge is brand new and blank from the factory it should show up as a black and red icon with iEdge text on it.  Once the iEdge card is inserted with the prepared micro sd card, and the DS console is booted up, the flash process should begin automatically.Look at the iEdge card in the back, you should see a flashing red light.  when it is finished flashing the process is done and you can reboot your DS console.  If you are updating your iEdge from a previous version already installed, you have to first tap the game icon to begin the process.
  • STEP 6 – Installing the iEDGE Menu Software
    Download the iEdge menu files.  Unzip the files onto the root of the micro sd card after reformatting.  The files should look like the image below (different versions of the firmware may look slightly different from when this article was written, this is normal).

  • STEP 6 – Booting up your iEdge card
    Now that everything has been set up as in the previous steps above, your iEdge adapter should be ready to use! Boot it up in your Nintendo DS / DSi console, and the start screen should look something like this (minor variations in theme normal, as sometimes new firmwares for the iEDGE give different theme backgrounds):
    And you’re good to go!

Where do I download iEdge menu software?

You can download all the files you need at the official iEdge website  The only file they do not supply is the ROM needed to flash the iEdge initially.

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Where can I buy an iEdge adapter?

There are lots of different places online where various iEdge ds cards are available for purchase. We have conducted surveys of many of these online stores to find out who sells genuine cards and where customer service is the best. Check out our Where to Buy iEdge page for the results of this survey and the best places to buy from.

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iEdge Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more commonly asked questions about the EZflash Vi ds card will go here. This list may grow over time.

  • What is the biggest micro SD memory card size I can use with my iEdge adapter?
    The largest theoretical capacity the iEdge can accept is 32GB, although stores very rarely sell memory this big because it’s quite expensive. 8GB tends to be the option most people go for, with 16GB for those with particularly large numbers of games and multimedia they want to use with their R4 iEdge card.
  • What consoles is the EZFlash Vi compatible with?
    The iEdge  is compatible with the original Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL consoles. However, you must make sure you never automatically update your console’s firmware (known as “System Update” in the settings of your console) because these updates often cause iEdge cards to stop working. You should always wait for the iEdge ds team to release patches to make them compatible with new Nintendo updates, before updating your console.
  • I have updated my Nintendo console to the latest firmware and now my iEdge card doesn’t work. What can I do?
    Unfortunately it is impossible to reverse a Nintendo console update. Check the official manufacturer’s website to see if there is a patch / fix out for the console update you have just applied. If there is, you can download and update the console (although you’ll need to use a DS Lite / pre-patch DSi to apply the patch, you can’t use the same console to apply it). Otherwise, you must be patient and wait until a fix comes out (this typically takes anything from a week to two months), or buy a different card that is compatible. See our Where to Buy R4 iEdge page for stores that have other cards for sale that could be compatible with the latest Nintendo console firmwares.

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