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Cyclo DS iEvolution / Cyclo iDS Card

Cyclo DS iEvolution Card Menu

  1. What is a Cyclo iDS card, and why should I get one?
  2. How does a Cyclo DS iEvolution card work?
  3. What hardware do I need to use a Cyclo iDS card?
  4. Step by step installation instructions
  5. Where do I download Cyclo DS iEvolution software?
  6. Where can I buy an Cyclo iDS adapter?
  7. Cyclo iDS Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cyclo iDS card, and why should I get one?

The Cyclo DS iEvolution card (sometimes referred to as the Cyclo iDS for short, this is interchangeable) is a very high-end flash card for the Nintendo DS, DSi, and 3DS consoles. It fits snugly into the slot-1  normal game slot and effectively expands the features of your Nintendo handheld console tenfold. You can play backed up copies of games on the Cyclo iDS card, meaning you don’t have to bring with you dozens of games on holiday, but the card also enables you to play media such as MP3 music files and even videos & movies!

The Cyclo DS iEvolution card is the first card ever released to have a “DSi mode”, where the card takes advantage of the Nintendo DSi’s features such as increased RAM and double the CPU support (using the dual core nature of the chip in the DSi). This makes it an incredibly advanced and fast card, and is highly sought after.

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How does a Cyclo DS iEvolution card work?

The Cyclo DS iEvolution card works much the same way as a regular Nintendo DS / DSi game, as it fits into the normal DS card slot. However, there is another slot on the Cyclo iDS where a Micro-SD memory card is inserted. You can connect this memory card to your computer, transfer the firmware files for the Cyclo iDS on to it as well as any games and media files you wished to play on your Cyclo DS iEvolution card.

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What hardware do I need to use an Cyclo iDS card?

If you are inexperienced using DS cards, you may need a reminder as to what is required to use a Cyclo DS iEvolution. See the checklist below:

  • A Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, or 3DS console
    NDS console – OR –   – OR –  DSi Console  -OR- 3ds console
  • The Cyclo DS iEvolution card comes with a USB micro sd card adapter. The style of USB adapter you receive may vary from the one on the pictures, but they all work the same, and may be included free from your vendor.
    Cyclo IEvo– AND –
  • The actual memory itself – a micro SD card. Most stores that allow you to buy Cyclo iDSadapters will also have these available as attachments. They range from 2GB to 32GB now, but rarely do you find them above 16GB.  4GB should be adequate for most uses, but 8GB or more will ensure that you really can carry everything around at once.  All brands should work, but it doesn’t hurt to go with a reliable brand like Sandisk or Kingston.R4 micro sd – OR –R4 micro sd – OR – R4 micro sd – OR –r4 micro sd

    For most people asking What Micro SD Card is best for my Cyclo DS iEvolution? – we suggest considering  a 2GB or 4GB card for those users who have a small games library for their Cyclo card, and the 8GB or 16GB micro SD card for people who have a lot of games and media files and don’t like switching often.

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Step by step installation instructions

First time set up of a Cyclo iDS card may be confusing for users new to ds cards. Once you get the steps down below it will be a breeze for future use of the Cyclo DS iEvolution.

  • STEP 1 – Buy the Cyclo iDS and micro SD card
    If you are looking still to buy Cyclo DS iEvolution take a look at Where to Buy Cyclo iDS page.  There you will find a preselected list of reputable vendors who should provide excellent service and support.
  • STEP 2 – Checklist of  materials
    Before we move on, take a check to make sure you have everything below:

    • Cyclo DS iEvolution Adapter
    • Micro SD  USB adapter
    • Micro SD card storage
    • Computer with an unzip program installed.
    • Internet connection
  • STEP 3 – Download the current Cyclo iDS menu software
    Once you have all the physical tools, download the latest firmware files as the Cyclo DS adapter will need those to run. They are periodically updated so you might want to check often.  The official site for the Cyclo DS iEvolution card can be found at The files will most likely be in .zip format, which will have to be unzipped onto the micro sd card.   You can unzip them directly onto the micro sd card, or copy them after they are extracted.
  • STEP 4 – Setting up your micro SD card for use with your CycloDS
    Load the micro sd card for your Cyclo DS iEvolution onto the computer using the USB adapter.  When using Windows, you will be automatically prompted to choose what to do with the micro SD card when inserted. Simply select “Open folder to view files.”  When using MAC OS, it will appear like a flash drive on the desktop.

    Take the Cyclo iDS menu files you downloaded previously then drag the window for the micro sd card to the side of the screen.  Select all Cyclo DS iEvolution files then drag and drop over to the folder window for your micro SD card. Your micro SD card’s root directory should now look like the Cyclo iDS menu file screenshot below.

    Those files are all needed to load the Cyclo menu.  Now you can copy over your .nds games, saves, homebrew apps, and media.  Insert the micro sd card into your Cyclo iDS adapter, then just treat it like a regular game.

  • STEP 5 – Booting up your Cyclo iDS
    You’ve done all the hard work, your Cyclo DS iEvolution card should be prepped and ready to use.   Turn on your Nintendo DS console and tap the game icon to load the Cyclo iDS menu, and you should see the screen below.
    And you’re good to go!

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Where do I download Cyclo DS iEvolution software?

Before you start usingyour Cyclo iDS card, you need to download the latest software for the Cyclo iDS, which is also known as the firmware or the kernel. You can download what you need from the official manufacturer’s website at There is also a convenient list of official websites to download everything from on our Download Cyclo DS iEvolution Firmware page.

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Where can I buy an Cyclo iDS adapter?

There are many options online where you can purchase Cyclo iDS cards.  Not all of them are good.   We have performed secret shopping of many of these web vendors to determine which ones sell genuine cards and friendly consistent service. Check out our Where to Buy Cyclo DS page for a solid source of dependable vendors.

Cyclo iDS Cards from

This retailer has been awarded our Quality Seal of Approval for outstanding customer service.

  • Genuine cards guaranteed!
  • Every card individually tested before dispatch.
  • Only genuine cards sourced to allow you to buy with peace of mind!

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Cyclo iDS Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more commonly asked questions about the Cyclo DS iEvolution can be found here. Feel free to contact us and we may add more.

  • What is the biggest micro SD memory card size I can use with my Cyclo iDS adapter?
    The largest theoretical capacity the Cyclops iDS can accept is 32GB, although stores very rarely sell memory this big because it’s quite expensive. 8GB tends to be the option most people go for, with 16GB for those with particularly large numbers of games and multimedia they want to use with their DS card.
  • What makes the Cyclo DS iEvolution faster than other cards I can run on my DSi?
    Nintendo released a number of additional features with the release of the DSi console, including a double camera, increased RAM and double the processor capacity (a dual core processor). The Cyclo iDS card was the first card ever produced to be compatible with “DSi mode” which takes advantage of these features and therefore makes the card much faster. Regular DS cards, while some are incredibly solid and some may be great to use, aren’t quite as fast because of this.
  • What consoles is the Cyclo DS iEvolution compatible with?
    The Cyclo DS iEvolution is compatible with the original Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS consoles. However, you must make sure you never automatically update your console’s firmware (known as “System Update” in the settings of your console) because these updates often cause a lot of DS cards to stop working. You should always wait for the Cyclops team to release patches to make them compatible with new Nintendo updates, before updating your console.
  • I have updated my Nintendo console to the latest firmware and now my Cyclo DS iEvolution card doesn’t work. What can I do?
    Unfortunately it is impossible to reverse a Nintendo console update. Check the official manufacturer’s website to see if there is a patch / fix out for the console update you have just applied. If there is, you can download and update the console (although you’ll need to use a DS Lite / pre-patch DSi or 3DS to apply the patch, you can’t use the same console to apply it). Otherwise, you must be patient and wait until a fix comes out (this typically takes anything from a week to two months), or buy a different card that is compatible. See our Where to Buy Cyclo DS iEvolution page for stores that have other cards for sale that could be compatible with the latest Nintendo console firmwares.

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