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Crown3DS Card First to Play 3DS ROM Games

Posted on November 28, 2011

For months we have been getting questions about 3DS backup game playing. At this time, while some cards can indeed load on the new 3DS console, only DSi or NDS games are supported. 3DS games are very different technologically, and will require entire new development processes to function. Up until now, no indication of that capability has even come close to what we see with a new card, the Crown 3DS. card. Below you can see that the Crown3DS card can load at least one of these new ROMs so there is some hope that widespread development for 3DS backup games is on the horizon.

The Crown3DS is a newcomer from a previously unknown developer. Other developers are likely working on similar products, but none of them have come forth on current achievements. While the Crown3DS is still far from full release, hopefully the other developers people know and trust are not far behind. If the Crown3DS Team proves itself to be reliable with updates and support after their flagship card is released, they’ll have a good start on building the reputation of one of the top DS flash cart developers. So far we’re impressed with their early start on this. While we cannot verify many more details then that, we can infer that to play 3DS games, a new ds flash cart like the Crown3DS will likely be required, and much larger micro sd cards will have to be used due to the size of released .3ds files.

Here you can see their website and below we have some pictures of their testing setup.