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M3i Zero Releases Nintendo DSi 1.4.3 Update

Posted on September 7, 2011

When Nintendo released firmware updates for their DSi consoles, DS flash card users are usually blocked from using their cards if they choose to update.  This pattern has repeated itself with the new DSi v1.4.3 firmware update.  The M3i Zero is flash updatable to counter new updates and users should develop the habit of refusing new DSi updates until they can confirm that a fix for their M3i Zero has been released.  In many cases, the M3i Zero has to be updated before the DSi.  There may be a delay of up to several weeks until the M3 Team can develop a work around when new updates come out, exactly like in this case with the M3i Zero 1.4.3 update.

M3i Zero v1.4.3 Firmware

The M3i Zero updates its firmware one of two ways.  The primary method is by using a F_Core.dat flashing file on the micro sd card along with the USB flashing cable that comes with all M3i Zero cards.  The other is the standard method for most other ds flash cards.  The M3i Zero fix for DSi v1.4.3 firmware is the second type, a .nds file that will load from the M3 menu and perform a firmware flash of the M3i Zero all done through a DS console.  DSi consoles that have already been updated to firmware 1.4.3 may block the M3i Zero from loading, and an alternate DS console should be used.

You can download the official update or F_CORE from the official website at – the M3i Zero is now playable on the 1.4.3 firmware – enjoy!

Information about the M3i Zero card can also be found on our M3i Zero page.