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EZFlash Vi Releases DSi 1.4.3 Firmware Update

Posted on September 12, 2011

The EZFlash team has now finally developed a firmware update for their top card, the EZFlash Vi.  This new firmware update v106a makes the EZFlash Vi work on the new DSi firmware update v1.4.3.  Initially, the EZFlash team put up the update as v106, and then quickly took it down again, because some users reported stability issues with the first release when applying the EZFlash Vi 1.4.3 Update. It’s good to see a developer respond fast to problems.  The firmware update is safe now, and available for download on their website download page at

EZFLash Vi 1.4.3 Firmware



When updating the EZFlash VI, make sure that the DS console is not blocking the EZFlash from loading, which it might if it as been updated too soon.  An alternate DS console will have to be used in that case.  A full battery is also recommended.  The v106a fix for DSi v1.4.3 is in the format of a .nds game rom file and will load from the menu list like any other.  Once loaded, a screen will pop up with further instructions on how to flash the EZFlash Vi card.  After the process is complete the game icon the EZFlash Vi shows up as will change to Guilty Gear DS and it will now load as normal with DSi v1.4.3 firmware.

Enjoy! For more information about the background of the EZFlash Vi card and where to buy, check out our EZFlash Vi card page.