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Breaking News: Crown 3DS First Team to Play 3DS Games on a DS Flash Card

Posted on September 21, 2011

Some pretty astonishing news presents itself today – until now, pretty much all Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS compatible flash cards on the market can play regular DS and DSi games, but have always maintained these are for regular games only and that they cannot play 3D games on the Nintendo 3DS.

Until now!

We have learned that a group calling themselves Crown 3DS have released photos and a video showing that it is possible to play a backed up version of the 3D game “Splinter Cell 3DS” on a Nintendo 3DS console. The card that they are advocating that is able to do this is naturally called the Crown3DS, and the video is shown below for reference. As it currently stands the video only shows the card working with a single game (and an awful lot of wires and equipment sticking out the back of a 3DS console!) but there is little doubt that more will follow.

Note that the developers calling themselves the Crown 3DS team are relatively new to the scene and we don’t actually have any additional information regarding how well the card actually runs, or if it’s even close to being ready for manufacturing. There is an awful lot of work (mainly support wise) to be put into being recognised as a top team of card makers, but Crown3DS are definitely a team to keep an eye on. Their official website is at

Some of the photos they have released can be seen below. If we have any more news in the future we’ll update this blog!